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The US is gripped by 'a pandemic of grief.' These CNN Heroes are helping people navigate it

June 26, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

As the world responds to Covid-19 and the fight against injustice, CNN Heroes Annette March-Grier and Mary Robinson are helping people manage their feelings of grief and loss.

"People have lost their routines, their freedom to move about their communities, jobs and just being able to connect to family and friends," said Annette March-Grier, founder of Roberta's House, a bereavement center in Baltimore, Maryland.

For decades, March-Grier and Robinson have provided free support that's helped thousands of families process the death of a loved one.

This is now grief on top of grief," said March-Grier, who believes that people are not only mourning the loss of Floyd's life, but the loss of justice his death represents.

Since emotions are running high during this difficult time, she and Robinson want people to know there are steps they can take to manage their feelings in a healthy way and feel better.

CNN's Kathleen Toner spoke with Robinson and March-Grier about their work during this time.

CNN: You've said it's helpful to find meaning in grief and loss.

Mary Robinson: For me, working in the field of grief support was my way of making meaning out of the loss of my dad.

One good thing that's coming out of this current crisis is that we're now having a global conversation on grief and loss.

Annette March-Grier: Many people who are dealing with grief don't realize that we have a choice.

CNN: How have the restrictions during the pandemic affected the way people grieve for those who've died?

March-Grier: People aren't allowed to grieve and mourn in the way that is custom.

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