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The UK has been extra frosty lately, thanks to historic dry weather

April 29, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The rising sun illuminates a tree in a frosty field near Newbury. (Photo by Ben Birchall/PA Images via Getty Images)

It has been a month for the record books as the UK has already set the frostiest April ever and is inching closer to what will likely be one of the driest April's on record.

As of April 28, London had only recorded . 28 inches (7. 2 mm) of rainfall for the entire month, nearly all of it falling on the 28th.

Head north to the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, and you'll only find . 35 inches (9 mm), or just 22% of the average rainfall for the entire month of April.

With only scattered showers possible in the waning days of the month, the UK stands to challenge the driest April on record, currently held by April 1938 when . 55 inches (14. 1 mm) fell and April 1974, when . 57 inches (14. 6 mm) fell.

The UK as a whole has seen an average of 13 days of air frosts this month, topping the 11 days seen in April 1970 and most since records began in 1960.

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