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The surprising reason Nintendo made Super Mario a plumber 35 years ago

September 14, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

It's-a-me, Mario!

As the franchise celebrates its 35th anniversary September 13, CNN Business spoke to four Nintendo developers who have worked for decades on the Super Mario Bros franchise about how the company grew what is arguably gaming's most successful franchise, estimated to have made several billion dollars.

At the time, video games were usually created by computer engineers, as opposed to today's artists, Shigeru Miyamoto, game designer and producer of the "Super Mario Bros. " and "Donkey Kong," told CNN Business.

The game's popularity really took off in 1985 when "Super Mario Bros" was released.

"People had never seen a game like Super Mario Bros," said Frank Cifaldi, co-director of the Video Game History Foundation, "Super Mario Bros. , despite having the same constraints as its peers, manages to convey an epic adventure in a massive world.

It also has to be action-packed, said Takashi Tezuka, director and producer of 2D Super Mario games.

And there was no game more playful than Nintendo's 'Super Mario Bros. '"

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