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The moment of truth is here for the Iran nuclear deal

April 6, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Few doubted the United States and Iran deep-down preferred diplomacy -- even a new deal -- to escalating tensions, and possibly military confrontation. Now the moment of truth is here, in a Vienna conference room.

Now the moment of truth is here, in a Vienna conference room, where the E3+2 of the nuclear deal (UK, France, Germany, Russia and China) and Iran will sit down and talk about what comes next.

The Biden administration has been calm, and relatively unfussed by Iran's screaming deadlines and declarations of further nuclear activity.

Biden took singular and swift military action when US military lives were lost and threatened in Iraq, by bombing Iran-backed militia.

Iran's production of uranium metal is a necessary step towards bomb-making, critics have said.

The central calculation from both parties is as it was six years ago: that Iran would prefer sanctions relief over having the bomb.

It may never lead to the wider "JCPOA Plus" deal Biden wants, to rein in Iran's missile program and regional influence.

by summa-bot

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