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The golfer who drove over 4,000 miles across the US to play in tournaments

July 31, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Whether it be "On The Road Again" by Willie Nelson or "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey, compiling a playlist for a road trip is a key part of the experience.

Norwegian golfer Viktor Hovland, who has been driving between tournaments all across the US for the last few months to avoid flying during the coronavirus pandemic, has had to do the same, though his taste in road trip music was more a case of pedal to the metal.

"I was thinking I'm playing the week after that, so then I've got to drive back up to Oklahoma again and then catch a plane to South Carolina," explained Hovland, whose trip has made him a bit of cult figure on the golf circuit.

From Fort Worth, Hovland embarked on a 16-hour drive to Hilton Head, South Carolina to play in the RBC Heritage.

The Norwegian's road trip -- which was roughly over 4,000 miles in length -- has been a way of making the journeys a "little bit more memorable" for Hovland, although he admits he's now going to "give myself a little break. "

Hovland will soon be heading to San Francisco -- by plane rather than car due to the estimated 31-hour drive from Oklahoma to California -- to take part in the PGA Championship for the first time, which will be held August 6-9.

Although competing at the majors is a massive step up from normal PGA Tour events -- "they're more difficult tests, the courses are harder, greens are firmer and faster and the players are better" explains Hovland -- the Norwegian insists he isn't just going to make up the numbers.

Be it taking long driving trips or driving the ball straight and true on a golf course, Hovland's early career success suggests he could be having a lot more fun on his sporting journey.

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