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The foods you should eat to jump-start your morning, and 2 recipes to try out

April 5, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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No one likes an energy crash in the early hours of a long day. Here are two recipes for balanced breakfasts that can leave you satisfied and ready to take on everything you need and want to accomplish.

Simpler or processed carbs -- such as muffins or maple syrup -- introduce sugar to the blood at a faster rate if not eaten with other macronutrients like protein and fat, she said, resulting in short-term energy that causes a person's blood sugar to spike and crash.

The concept of balance, Kooienga said, includes a combination of complex, fiber-rich sources of carbs; protein; and healthy fats that would release sugar to the blood at a slower rate, supporting longer-lasting energy.

Chock-full of fiber-rich complex carbs, healthy fats and muscle-building protein, Kooienga's oat-based recipe is convenient since you can prep the breakfast the night before and grab it on your way out the door the next morning.

To eat mindfully, Kooienga aims to have two to five specific elements -- protein, fat, carbs, nonstarchy carbs and flavor -- at each meal, including breakfast.

1 cup cooked beans (such as black beans, kidney beans or pinto beans; if canned, rinse well)1 tablespoon olive oil2 large eggs, fried or cooked how you like them Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper1 cup steamed broccoli2 cups dark leafy greens or lettuces (such as kale, spinach or arugula)2 tablespoons dressing of your choice to taste (Kooienga recommends her Cilantro Lime Dressing or Creamy Zesty Shallot Dressing) 1/2 ripe avocado, sliced1/2 cup sprouts (such as alfalfa or broccoli sprouts) Crushed red pepper flakes (optional)

Add dressing, cooked beans, steamed broccoli, sliced avocado, sprouts and season with more black pepper and red pepper flakes, if you'd like.

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