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The female speakers who made an impact at Bitcoin2021 in Miami

June 10, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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There may not have been as many female speakers at Bitcoin 2021, but the women who presented were phenomenal. Here’s why.

The discussion focused on the importance of Bitcoin’s network effect, something which both Stark and Alden are very passionate about.

Alden explained that Bitcoin’s network effect is important to understand when considering Bitcoin as an investment asset.

However, after watching Bitcoin’s network effect over time, Alden noted that the digital assets could withstand its competitors while also maintaining its strong, devoted community.

After monitoring Bitcoin’s network effect for some time, Alden noted that her fascination extended to the Lighting Network, a layer-two payment protocol.

An interesting point regarding Bitcoin and decentralization was further made by Alyse Killeen during the “Investing in the Bitcoin Ecosystem Panel. ” Killeen told Cointelegraph that the panel mainly focused on the risks that can occur when money is centralized, such as inflation.

Bitcoin is a system of software enforced by rules, but absent of rulers. ”

Specifically, she explained the privacy issues brought about by the Travel Rule, which aims to require individual crypto users to provide information when sending or receiving Bitcoin across any blockchain network.

It’s also important to mention that there was one female artist featured at the event’s Bitcoin art gallery, which showcased an elaborate collection of Bitcoin-inspired artwork from various creators.

I believe Bitcoin is the coin to rule it all,” she said.

Bitcoin is for everyone, and the people who participated in the conference reflected that. ”

Overall, while there were significantly fewer women speakers and attendees than men at Bitcoin 2021, the event was still high-level, informative and fun.

As a company, Nexo supports various causes, but since we hold financial literacy — and, thus, freedom — for women especially close to our hearts, we’d love to see more female artists step forward and participate as exhibitors at the next Bitcoin Art Gallery going forward. ”

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