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The designer choosing pan-African pride over Western attention

January 14, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Bubu Ogisi is making African fashion in Africa for Africans. That hasn't stopped British Vogue and supermodel Naomi Campbell from calling on the Nigerian-born designer. But despite the international interest, Ogisi knows what matters to her and her brand.

Bubu Ogisi is making African fashion in Africa for Africans.

The Nigerian creative director, stylist and the designer behind the label IAMISIGO, Ogisi is committed to celebrating African philosophies, fabrics and techniques.

"The only way to chase evil is through unity across borders and truly believing in the works of our hands," Ogisi said.

While her pro-Africa outlook is by no means novel in the world of fashion, the commitment to applying it to all elements of the label is part of a shift in approach taken by African designers.

Like the LVMH Prize 2019 winner, South African Thebe Magugu, who continues to operate from his inner-city Johannesburg studio, Ogisi recognizes that being accepted by the Western fashion world does not necessarily mean that she should take her sights off the many markets across the continent.

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