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The Chauvin trial resumes today. Here's what happened at the trial last week.

April 5, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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It is day 6 of testimony at the Derek Chauvin trial. We're expecting the prosecution to call more witnesses. Here's a recap of what's happened so far at the trial:

Many police officers, including Chauvin's former supervisor Sgt. David Pleoger, gave testimonies that spoke against Chauvin’s actions.

The most senior officer on the Minneapolis police department testified last Thursday that actions like those used on George Floyd are not part of police department training, saying “if your knee is on a person’s neck, that could kill them. ”

Lt. Richard Zimmerman, who supervises the Minneapolis Police Department homicide unit, testified that actions like those used on Floyd are not part of police department training.

Former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin put his knee on Floyd’s neck while he lay handcuffed outside of Cup Foods as Floyd told Chauvin and three other officers that he could not breathe.

Zimmerman is the longest serving officer in the department, he told prosecutor Matthew Frank, and has been trained every year in the use of force.

The jury in Derek Chauvin's trial has heard from multiple witnesses so far, and they've been shown bystander and police footage of George Floyd's final moments.

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