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The best down comforters of 2021 - CNN Underscored

February 18, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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To find the best comforter that will give you that ideal night's sleep, we tested 11 of the most popular, highly rated options, including Brooklinen, Buffy and more.

In a time when many are finding it harder to get quality sleep, the right bedding — including the perfect down comforter — can truly make a difference between a great night sleep and a tossy-turny night.

To find the best comforter that will give you that ideal night’s sleep, CNN Underscored tested 11 of the most popular, highly rated options.

All comforters we tested had a similar fill power (basically a warmth rating, which you can read more about below in our buyer’s guide section) and either a sewn-through or baffle box construction (more on this below).

Between the softness of the outer material and the fluffiness of the fill, it’s one of those comforters that makes you want to stay in bed all day — 12 months a year.

This well constructed comforter also comes in many different color options, making it one of the more luxurious comforters on the list that doesn’t need a duvet cover to complete the look of your bedroom.

Aside from a mission that we should all get behind, this quality-made comforter will give you a great night’s sleep thanks to its soft, lightweight build that provides plenty of warmth.

The comforter, whose shell is made of 100% cotton sateen, was one of the softest we tested — and the one we kept coming back to cuddle into most nights.

Compared to all of the other comforters we tested, this is one of the best sleep trial periods we saw.

This comforter can also easily be used with or without a duvet cover.

Most of the other comforters we tested were plain white and truly looked like an insert, requiring a duvet cover to up their aesthetic appeal.

This down-alternative comforter was by far the best alternative version we tested — and the only one we’d recommend as the other down alternatives we tested lacked in both quality of construction and comfort.

Although this was a new type of material for us — as we typically sleep with a down comforter in our non-testing days — we thought the fabric was very soft and lightweight, but still heavy enough to keep us warm throughout the night.

The comforter is well made with quality stitching, soft to sleep with and has the right warmth to it.

A comforter (or duvet) is two pieces of fabric — a bottom layer and a top layer — sewn together with a certain type of filling material in the middle — most often down, feathers or synthetic materials (known as down-alternative) — to provide warmth while sleeping.

Similar to the duvet covers we tested, on the first night, we slept with the comforter right out of the packaging.

We also tested comforters in every price bracket to see if price is actually a driving factor to getting a good night’s sleep.

The comforter offers two different weight options: all-season and extra warmth.

It was also extremely comfortable to sleep with.

This Pottery Barn duvet insert states that their sleepsmart technology “continuously adjusts to help maintain a climate of personal comfort at the ideal 37. 5° Celsius all night long, so you can wake up rested and refreshed. ” Even though we didn’t test this comforter during all four seasons — just the winter months — we felt like this comforter maintained the perfect temperature throughout the night as we never got overheated.

Sleeping with a comforter that crinkles all night is never ideal.

Although we did find this comforter to be a little noisy, especially compared to the other The Company Store comforter we tested, it by no means kept us up at night.

This allows you to use the comforter on its own without a duvet cover.

Unlike many of the other comforters and duvet inserts we tested, this comforter looks complete on its own.

Like most of the down-alternatives we tested, this comforter didn’t really make you want to snuggle up with it and didn’t have the same soft and fluffy feel that many of the other comforters provided.

They were the smallest out of all of the comforters we tested, which caused frustration when trying to tie the duvet cover to the insert.

This comforter comes in nine solid colors, so while we would definitely recommend using a duvet cover with the white color option, if purchasing one of the other color options, you might not need a cover from an aesthetic perspective — just keep in mind that the material is sheen.

And similar to the Utopia comforter that we tested, we really don’t love the feel of polyester for sleeping purposes.

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