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The best computer monitors of 2020

November 20, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

CNN Underscored tested seven top-rated computer monitors, including options from Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and more. After weeks of testing, we landed on three of the best computer monitors available today.

After many hours of testing with a multitude of content and workflows, the Lenovo L24q-30 monitor stood out as the best overall option.

It doesn’t have the sexiest name, but the 23. 8-inch QHD monitor has the chops to handle whatever you need it to, from Word docs to gaming.

For those constantly working with visual tasks like photo or video editing, Dell’s 27-inch UltraSharp 4K monitor is a no-brainer, bursting with vibrancy and a level of detail that was unmatched by other flat displays we tested.

If you have enough desk real estate, Samsung’s CJ791 affords the most space with a curved, ultra-wide 34-inch display.

Lenovo’s L24q-30 is an affordable, no-frills monitor that aptly expands your screen real estate.

We tested the functionality of all the monitors when it came to productivity and personal work, alongside some light gaming and streaming.

No, it doesn’t have extra ports, there’s no built-in USB-C hub like you’ll find on the Dell UltraSharp, and the resolution isn’t super sharp.

If you’re looking for the best option for creative tasks — or stunning picture quality while streaming content — the go-to choice is the Dell UltraSharp with 4K resolution.

The screen delivers a vibrant and sharp image thanks to its 4K resolution, which is double the pixels of the Lenovo L24q-30 and four times what a regular HD screen pushed out.

The 27-inch display truly stretches to the edges, so you get a tremendous amount of screen real estate to work with.

Overall, the 27-inch Dell UltraSharp not only provides an exceptional number of ports (and the ability to power your laptop!), but features the nicest flat display of the monitors we tested.

It’s not the cheapest option at $719. 99 (though currently discounted to $579. 99), but with a vibrant 4K picture that tops all other displays we tested, it’s worth the extra money if you’re a creative professional looking to invest in a monitor that’ll last you a long time or if you’re just someone who really values extraordinary resolution.

It has both a similar build and design to the 27-inch UltraSharp, our pick for best 4K monitor.

This 24-inch variant keeps slim bezels and provides plenty of ports — but it knocks the resolution down to HD at just 1920 x 1200.

This 21. 5-inch monitor from Lenovo was the most affordable out of our group at just $99. 99, but it provides only an HD experience with a cheaper build.

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