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The best air fryer deals from Prime Day 2020

October 14, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

You can snag discounts on Cosori, Dash and Instant Pot air fryers for Prime Day right now.

Air fryers have been wowing us with their ability to serve up food that’s as crispy as our fried favorites, but with way less fat — think from 70% less or so.

If you’ve been thinking of getting one, now’s the time: Prime Day has big markdowns one some of the most popular air fryers, including models from brands like Cosori and Instant Pot.

Dash’s air fryer has minimalist looks and a great color range that has your usual gray, white and black, as well as bolder shades like robin’s egg blue and a bold red.

With a relatively small 2-quart basket (that still holds 12 chicken wings) and a small countertop footprint, it’s great for tight kitchens, campers and dinner for up to four.

One of the most feature-filled models on sale for Prime Day, the famous Instant Pot gets even better by adding an air fryer to its long list of programs.

Speaking of, there are 11 one-touch cooking settings that include air frying with EvenCrisp technology, as well as slow cooking, roasting, steaming and dehydrating.

This 5-star rated Boscare air fryer has a sleek design with a 6. 3-quart basket — enough to fit eight cupcakes — and six presets geared more toward everyday cooking: think frozen fries, homemade fries, drumsticks, chicken, fish and steak.

If you want to get really fancy, this top-of-the-line Ninja appliance comes in a large 8-quart size, complete with a crisp basket and a reversible rack that lets you steam, broil, layer meals or TenderCrisp up to eight chicken breasts.

Beyond making yogurt, sauteing, pressure cooking and steaming (among other functions), you can roast a whole chicken in here too: The basket holds up to a 7-pounder.

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