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Testing interest in NFTs vs. physical collectibles with Apple founder’s 50-year-old job application

July 21, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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NFT marketplace Rarible will be auctioning a tokenized version of a 1973 job application from Apple Computers co-founder Steve Job at the same time software company Snoofa will open the physical copy up for bids.

A crypto entrepreneur is planning to gauge whether interest in a collectible from deceased Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs is directed more towards the digital space or the physical world.

In an announcement today, Winthorpe Ventures’ Olly Joshi said software company Snoofa would be auctioning off a 1973 job application from Jobs before he joined video game company Atari as a technician.

Joshi said he aimed for the auction to provide a window into the perceived value of collectibles, whether they be physical or digital.

“Testing this with a piece of history from arguably the most influential tech entrepreneur of our time, is very special,” said Joshi.

The physical application shows the young Jobs — a teenager at the time — had no previous work experience, but listed skills in computers, calculators, design and tech.

Both auctions went live at 9:41 AM PST today, an homage to the time featured on many Apple products during a launch, designed to coincide when Jobs would make major announcements.

”This unique auction format will truly test where value lies,” said Rarible co-founder Alexander Salnikov.

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