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Tennis maverick Hsieh Su-Wei reflects on memorable Australian Open

February 23, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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With her beaming smile, wry sense of humor and confidence to do things her own way, Hsieh Su-Wei captured the public's heart at this month's Australian Open.

Speaking with reporters at the Australian Open, McNamee said Hsieh had once gone three years without changing her racket and only thought it was time for a change when the strings began to break.

"People say it's struggling with a sponsor situation, but I'm not thinking in that way because there's always a sponsor coming to me, but I don't have a manager," said Hsieh, who has career earnings of over $9 million.

Undeterred, Hsieh started to play professionally at the age of 16, though life on tour wasn't easy though.

"He's kind of like my teacher, my parent, my family and a good friend," Hsieh said on McNamee's influence.

Hsieh has won three grand slam doubles titles, making her one of Asia's most successful players, and her unorthodox style of play makes her a consistent thorn in the side for some of the sport's elite.

However, despite her record run in Melbourne this year, Hsieh wasn't feeling in great form in the build-up to the tournament.

"It's very strange because before the tournament started, 24 hours before, I was not really getting into the feeling with tennis and suddenly, on Sunday, I just felt like, oh, I should play like this and then I get it on," said Hsieh, who was one of 72 players placed in a strict 14-day quarantine ahead of the Australian Open's start.

After Hsieh upset the odds by beating 2019 US Champion Bianca Andreescu in straight sets, on-court interviewer Brett Phillips congratulated her on the victory and, after mentioning her age, asked how many years she thinks she can keep playing.

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