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Teacher continues lessons from her hospital bed after unexpected surgery

November 19, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Stephany Hume is the type of teacher we all wish we'd had in elementary school.

With the coronavirus pandemic, Hume said, one of her goals as a fifth grade teacher in Sachse, Texas, just 30 miles outside of Dallas, has been to create a sense of stability and routine for her students.

That's why, when the English language arts teacher of 20 years went to the hospital for an unexpected hernia surgery, she still made sure to read to her students at Sewell Elementary from her hospital bed -- gown and all.

We were, like, on chapter eight of the book and I went to the hospital and I thought, 'I can't leave these poor kids hanging without knowing what happens,'" she said.

Hume's surgery kept her in the hospital for 11 days.

Post surgery, Hume said she experienced a few complications with a relatively high fever, but she wanted to make sure her students didn't miss any part of their daily routine.

it's easier to be here with these kids that are so full of hope and promise and potential," Hume said.

Hume's mother, who retired after 41 years as a teacher, is a substitute in the same school district and stepped in to help.

Students in the school district had been doing online learning since August, but some of them had just returned to an in-person format, according to Hume.

"I wanted them to make sure that it was going to be consistent and that I was going to be there," she said.

When she logged on for the first time from her hospital bed, Hume said, she was welcomed by excited faces and positive spirits -- which she said was exactly the healing she needed.

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