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Starting this weekend, Walmart is converting its parking lots into free drive-in theaters

August 15, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Tired of movie nights at home? Walmart has the perfect solution for bored quarantiners.

(CNN)Tired of movie nights at home?

Starting August 14, the retail giant is transforming 160 of its US store parking lots into drive-in movie theaters.

The showings, which are free, won't require any contact and cars will be parked far apart to comply with social distance guidelines.

The Walmart Drive-in is one small way we're supporting the communities we serve," Janey Whiteside, Walmart's chief customer officer, said in a statement.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, drive-in theaters have been making a comeback as a safe alternative to traditional movie theaters that remain closed in much of the country.

The Walmart Drive-in will feature hit movies curated by the Tribeca Film Festival and celebrity appearances.

The showings, which run through October 21, will include 320 hit movies.

To join the experience, all you'll need is a car and radio to hear the movie.

Locations and movie titles are available on their website.

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