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Southern Cayuga Conversations: School pictures capture the moment for generations

April 3, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Elaine Meyers shares what's new in the Southern Cayuga Central School District:

Most of all, I love capturing this unique moment in time. ” Like Jenn, I rejoiced every time a student removed their mask and their smile and full face emerged. My conversation with students who had finished their photo session began by asking how they prepared for school pictures.

Moms also continued to help with more intricate hairstyles — "who can do braids like this by themselves?!”The discussion on how to make someone smile varied again by student age.

Immediately he smiled and acknowledged he loved her singing, “like Taylor Swift. ”I asked students if they had ever seen school pictures from other generations.

They talked about finding pictures in their attic or in a box in a desk. “They are black and white photos and students were sitting at school desks. ”“The backgrounds are always gray.

In all grades, I had students who explained they saw pictures of their parents and other family members as they walked the school halls.

Brayden Hewitt motions to the class of 2003 and his mother’s senior picture. How wonderful that school pictures not only capture today but continue to remind us of all the generations of Southern Cayuga students.

There is one student who did not attend Southern Cayuga whose school picture is included.

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