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South Florida residents scramble to prepare for Hurricane Isaias

August 1, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Palm Beach County residents were busy Friday stocking up on supplies and filling their gas tanks ahead of the hurricane.


— Benjamin Peterson visited Costco on Friday as Hurricane Isaias looks to disrupt weekend plans in South Florida.

Peterson was busy filling the back of his truck with essentials to wait out whatever the storm brings. SPECIAL COVERAGE: Hurricane Guide"We got water, lettuce, cereal, cheese, coffee, just the bare essentials," he said. He's a bit nervous for what is on the way. "Every season you get a little bit nervous, and you always have that chance of whether or not the storm is actually going to come, and if it's going to bring the full force with it," Peterson said. On the other end of the spectrum, Alan Hess wasn't prepared to wait for the stream of crowds. "It's not necessary to pay $400 to put my shutters.

It's not necessary to panic and buy plywood or whatever else, so why bother," Hess said. Hess was headed into Costco but eventually turned around and left. In Boyton Beach, drivers were lined at a BJ's gas station in Boynton Beach to fill up their tanks.

One woman said it took her an hour to reach the pump. "I don't think it's going to be as serious, but we still have to take precautions.

I just didn't expect to see this much activity," Kurt Sutherland said. Palm Beach County Mayor David Kerner said with the county under a hurricane warning, some mobile homes within the county will be evacuated.

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