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Sotheby's auction sets new world record for $11.8M CryptoPunk sale

June 10, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The CryptoPunk, featuring a blue alien wearing a face mask, sold at Sotheby's London salesroom for roughly $11.8 million.

Luxury auction house Sotheby’s made waves on social media on Thursday following the sale of one rare CryptoPunk.

In a tweet from Sotheby’s, the auction said CryptoPunk #7523 — also known as “COVID Alien” — sold in its London salesroom for roughly $11. 8 million.

According to the auction house, this sale represents a new world record for a single CryptoPunk artwork.

Sotheby’s announced the sale of the COVID Alien in late May as a “special, standalone” auction.

Moments ago in our #London saleroom, an extremely rare “Alien” CryptoPunk #7523 from the collection of @sillytuna sold for $11. 8M as part of our #NativelyDigital NFT auction – setting a new world auction record for a single CryptoPunk.

However, last month New York-based auction house Christie’s sold nine CryptoPunks for almost $17 million, implying there is still strong interest from many buyers for these pieces.

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