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Sony's 2021 TVs are here and we spoke to the man behind them

January 12, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Sony unveiled its 2021 line of Bravia TVs and, like previous generations, the new line is all about image quality. Rather than adopting the latest fad in display technology, Sony has long been a believer in creators' intent — keeping the visuals accurate, never adding crazy amounts of saturation or upscaling that ends up creating extra noise on the screen.

While sticking to that calling card, but still trying to push the envelope a bit, the selling point of the 2021 Bravia family, according to Sony, is that it’s the “world’s first with cognitive intelligence. ” In layman’s terms: These TVs go beyond just enhancing and upscaling content, but can now identify a focal point in the shot.

“We are bringing our new XR Engine to five series including 8K and OLED,” Kii said.

“We are focusing on how to reproduce picture content with good analysis. ” That’s a first, as Sony generally saves its latest processor for the higher-end models.

And that’s why we never stop the investigation of new devices,”said Kii, who stated that there are no current plans for QLED or mini LED TVs. It’s clear that Kii and his team aren’t focused on rushing into a new fad in panel technology.

But since this processor is found in all Sony 2021 TVs, it will also work on the A80J OLED (the successor to our luxury TV pick) and the massive 100-inch X92.

All 16 of these models feature Sony’s flagship Cognitive XR Processor.

And at the very top of the lineup is the Master Series Z9J, a 75-inch and 85-inch 8K LED that is set to deliver the best picture from Sony.

All of Sony’s 2021 Bravia TVs will run Google TV, the same software we fell in love with on the new Chromecast in late 2020.

It’s a platform-agnostic approach and one that we’d like to see adopted on all TVs. Essentially, you don’t need to switch your platform or services of choice to get a Sony TV.

Summing up the 2021 line, Kii stated: “I want to bring our users the best performance and the best experience. ” And to do that, they brought the Cognitive Processor XR to the entire line.

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