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Some people rate movies or restaurants. He rates benches

September 16, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Sam Wilmot has been rating benches on Instagram since June 2019. A scroll through his page unearths fun facts, fascinating banter and some lovely views.

Sam Wilmot has been rating benches on Instagram since June 2019.

“It’s a big and strong bench with plenty of places to sit and a view of the lake,” he wrote.

Through his Instagram project “Rate This Bench,” Wilmot does what it says on the tin: He rates benches.

But like a good bench-sitting session, a scroll through “Rate This Bench” unearths some fun facts, some fascinating banter, and some lovely views.

“The bench was made of granite which was pretty cold,” he wrote.

Wilmot rates a bench in Swansea, Wales, in June 2019.

“This little corner in Ashton offers a great place to sit and enjoy the scent of lavender and the bees buzzing around the sunflowers,” Wilmot wrote in August 2019.

“As benches go this isn’t one, no prizes for guessing it’s an old tree stump but it provides plenty of warmth from the sun and the brick wall,” he wrote.

It’s barely a bench. ”

“At times such as these it’s the little things that get us by,” he wrote in March as he sat on a bench in Bristol.

“North Devon really does have some of the best scenery and benches around,” Wilmot wrote in this post from August.

This was a cracking bench, it’s grande, seating for 6 normal sized folk, a high back rest, thick arm rests and a beautifully carved seat. ”

“I couldn’t not upload this bench, it had an Octopus tentacle on it,” he wrote.

“When I’m not rating benches I can be found refereeing amateur football,” Wilmot wrote in July 2019.

A quick tour of the more than 180 benches he’s rated reveal other judge preferences: Perfunctory or carelessly built benches are poorly received, as are benches that have dividing railings or other features that Wilmot describes as “anti-homeless. ” (These features are often installed to keep people from lying down, and are shunned in many architecture and city planning communities. )

“This bench had an emotional dedication on it and I think the bench is a unique and loving gesture,” Wilmot said of this bench in Bristol in December.

It’s a big and strong bench with plenty of places to sit and a view of the lake.

Wilmot said his dog, like this bench, “is a bit of an eye sore. ” He gave the bench a 2/10, writing that “3 plank benches are a hatred of mine, they offer next to no comfort.

“If only this bench were the one behind,” Wilmot said in Swansea’s Port Eynon Beach.

My granny said ‘I like the view, it’s a solid bench. ’ Short and sweet.

… Bench is a 6/10, the company is 10/10. ”

“In his 80 years on this earth he’s seen a world war and now he must put up with his grandson rating benches for the internet,” Wilmot joked as he rated this bench a 6/10.

“Damien Hirst’s Beautiful Hours provides the view for this bench at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery,” Wilmot posted in December.

“Probably the biggest bench I’ve ever rated. ”

“Today I came across the daddy of all benches,” Wilmot wrote of this Bristol bench in June 2019.

“This bench isn’t pretty, nor is it comfortable but let me tell you it was very much needed,” Wilmot said of this bench in Devon, England.

A plaque on this bench reads, “For Doris, A lady with style,” Wilmot wrote after sitting in Swansea’s Brynmill Park in June 2019.

It’s well made, the only bench here that’s painted and sits in a great park.

Wilmot sits in a caged bench in Bristol in August 2019.

It’s a 4/10, there’s a sense of nostalgia with this bench. ”

“This bench was very modern and quite beautiful in bench terms,” Wilmot wrote in December.

… This was a good bench, 6/10. ”

“For a bench that sits at the top of a cul-de-sac it was surprisingly good,” Wilmot said of this bench in Westerleigh, England, in December.

Sam Wilmot has been rating benches since June 2019.

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