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Social Security goes after Missouri man over $122 from 48 years ago

June 18, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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A bizarre letter from the Social Security Administration had one local man scratching his head. They claimed he owed them money from nearly 50 years ago.

They claimed he owed them money from nearly 50 years ago. "You were overpaid when you received benefits as a student," the letter Rick Wosmanski got said.

Even a phone call to the Social Security Administration and still they insisted he owed them money for a check he shouldn't have received. "I said 'is there some kind of statute of limitations on this' and she said 'no, you owe us the money. ' Just like that," Wosmanski said. He said it's not just the money.

A spokesperson told us they couldn't comment on Wosmanski's situation specifically, but said "based on the information on our records, it appears we will be able to resolve this issue," saying someone would be reaching out to Wosmanski directly. The Social Security Administration said they do collect overpayments and said there is no statute of limitations to collect the debts. Wosmanski thinks the letter was triggered because he just started collecting his own Social Security last year.

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