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Snowmobiles are the next pandemic toy

November 17, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

In the spring it was bicycles. In the summer it was pools and every type of watercraft. In the winter of the year of COVID-19, the must-have item is proving

She won’t have to wait for the snow to arrive, because customers are already coming into her showroom ready to buy. Whalley said some of the snow machines have been purchased by experienced riders who are upgrading, but that doesn't account for a lot of the increase in demand. “The biggest growth have been people that have never done this before and they’re looking for something to do. ”Whalley said 2020 is shaping up to be “one of the best years that we’ve ever had,” though it isn’t without its headaches.

“Overall, our numbers will actually be down,” he said. He won’t even be able to make up the difference with used products, daSilva said, because the market for snowmobiles is so hot that buyers who are upgrading are choosing to sell their old sled themselves rather than trade it in. “We’re down to less than 10 snowmobiles for the rest of the season,” daSilva said, noting that he usually has that many left over once spring arrives.

The sudden interest in the sport has been noticed at the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association, said Dan Gould, executive director. “We are seeing a lot of people calling the office, coming into the office, who are buying snowmobiles for the first time,” Gould said.

A network of snowmobile clubs keeps those trails open using volunteer labor, and keeping good relations with landowners is key to the success of the trail system. Gould is urging seasoned club members to mentor new riders and instill the proper trail etiquette – which might be different from what those new riders were expecting based on the marketing materials that sold them on their new ride. “A key part of etiquette is staying on the trail,” Gould said.

Those who bought a boat this summer were rewarded with long stretches of favorable boating weather – will new snowmobilers be as lucky?“I hope that we get a lot of snow and people can get out and enjoy,” Whalley said.

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