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Slam dunk? LeBron James NFT drop could break Top Shot records

May 3, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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An upcoming auction could be the most valuable in NBA Top Shot history.

Nonfungible token studio, House of Kibaa, has announced an auction of three “Legendary” NBA Top Shot NFTs depicting slam dunks from renowned pro basketball player, LeBron James.

House of Kibaa spokesperson, T. C. Lau, described the offering as “the largest auction sale in NBA Top Shot history,” noting that each of the tokenized moments have serial numbers that “hold a great significance to the late Los Angeles Lakers star, Kobe Bryant. ” The tokens to be auctioned boast the serial numbers #26, #41, and #42.

A #3 serial Legendary token depicting the same tribute dunk from the same series set a new record for the most expensive NBA Top Shot moment sold after it was auctioned for $387,600 on April 16.

The last token up for auction boasts the #41 serial and was the first Legendary LeBron NFT minted by Top Shot.

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