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Skipping a trip to the grocery store may lead to fewer junk food purchases

June 10, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Eating healthier may be as simple as not going to the grocery store, one study revealed.

People who shopped online spent on average about $2. 50 less on unhealthy food purchases like candy and frozen desserts compared to when they did their shopping inside stores, said lead study author Laura Zatz, a senior adviser at The Behavioural Insights Team.

While the study did not examine why shoppers spent less money on unhealthy food when they shopped online, Zatz said there are some likely reasons, such as a reduction in opportunities for impulse purchases.

"Online shopping allows shoppers to avoid abundant in-store marketing and enticing food stimuli, which encourages us to add items to our basket that we didn't plan to purchase," she said.

Online grocery shopping is still relatively new, and Zatz said that marketing will evolve and influence shoppers to purchase unhealthy food online.

There is potential for online grocery shopping to reduce unhealthy food purchases, Rogus said, but the high percentage of times participants opted to shop at a brick-and-mortar store means the full impact is unclear.

Online shopping can reduce the amount of money shoppers spend on unhealthy foods, but "Americans still need to make a conscious decision to plan ahead and purchase a healthful and varied mix of foods consistent with a healthy diet," she stressed.

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