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Should you visit family during the holidays?

November 20, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

While people are desperate to see family and friends during the holiday season, it's not safe to visit without precautions during a pandemic. CNN Medical Analyist Dr. Leana Wen offers some sound holiday advice.

Thanks to pandemic restrictions and Thursday's US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance, we'll only go celebrate masked, outdoors and 6 feet apart if my city, state, country and continent aren't in quarantine.

As I try on my winter coat and snow boots, I asked CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Leana Wen how to see family and friends safely.

CNN: Can we visit family this holiday season?

Dr. Leana Wen: No, not the way that we would normally visit family, staying in one another's homes and having holiday dinners around the dining table.

It is not safe to gather indoors with extended family and friends.

That said, you can still visit family by socializing outdoors.

If you do want to get together indoors, the safe way to do this is by everyone quarantining for 14 days and then getting tested.

If it requires an overnight stay, I'd hold off for now, unless you are able to follow all the steps above (quarantining for 14 days and get tested).

Can my family please visit her grandparents this coming weekend?

CNN: Say a couple has a new baby who hasn't met their family yet.

Some families also decide to quarantine for 14 days and then get tested.

If you all do that, the grandparents can be with the new baby indoors and can spend as much time snuggling and holding the baby as you'd like.

CNN: You said to quarantine and then get a test.

If you quarantine only and don't get a test, there is a risk -- though a small one.

This is actually better than if you just get a test, with no quarantine.

Wen: A test only measures whether you have Covid-19 at the time of the test.

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