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‘She was supermom’ Brother, best friend remember Duluth mom who died trying to save daughter’s life

September 13, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

'She would want us to get it together and make sure her kids are safe and protected because that’s what she did.'

11 was Sarah Jackson’s birthday.

“I had this plan to decorate her desk at work,” said Patricia Jackson, Sarah’s best friend.

“Anytime they called for a Jackson, we would get mixed up,” said Patricia.

Sarah went all out on Patricia’s birthday in July, including a decked-out desk.

One of her daughters called Sarah’s brother, James Jackson III.

Panic, that’s what is what, panic,” said James who lives in Washington state.

At Duluth Middle, the principal went to Patricia after Sarah didn’t come in or answer her phone.

“I sent her a text message and it said, 'If you don’t call me, I will come find you. ' Cause, that’s just the type of relationship we had,” said Patricia.

According to Patricia and James, Sarah was robbed a few days before Labor Day and her purse and phone were stolen.

A few minutes after texting Sarah, an administrator returned to talk to Patricia.

Do you need me to watch their class?' And she said, ‘No, it was Sarah. ’ And that broke everything. ”

Patricia’s thoughts immediately went to Sarah’s four children who she lovingly called her nieces.

“Everything I’m doing right now, it’s nothing she wouldn’t do for me,” said James.

James created a GoFundMe for Sarah’s kids and held a celebration of life for her recently.

“Sarah did this, Sarah did that.

It’s blowing my mind,” he said.

Both Patricia and James described Sarah as a gifted person, smart, sharp, and someone who cared more about others than herself.

That was my sister,” said James.

“Each one of these children have a huge jump in life because they were exposed to Sarah Jackson, a very intelligent, strong woman. ”

“She was Supermom,” said Patricia.

James said he will apply for guardianship of the girls, as he and Sarah often discussed how to take care of each other, should one of them pass away.

Patricia did go back to work on Friday, September 11; and she did decorate Sarah’s desk.

“I had to make sure at school, that I gave her, her final crown at work,” said Patricia.

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