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She helps Google workers be productive. Here are her pro tips

January 11, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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We can all use a little help when it comes to being more productive, especially these days.

Productivity was always a focus at Google and I think when [the pandemic] happened, it just kind of shifted what that means, what that looks like.

People are so used to being productive at work, but how does that look at home?

You want to think about how your race is going to be affected by working from home.

Think of your dryer as your inbox: put your emails into piles, saying this is something I need to do later or I need to fold.

How can a person know if they are actually being productive versus just working all the time?

What mistakes do people make when they think they are being productive?

People think of downtime or white space or think time as unproductive time, whereas really it's like pour-over coffee where the longer you let these ideas and conversations soak in, it's going to be much, much richer.

Do you think companies will be more flexible with how we work and scheduling?

This kind of shows the difference of what are you really accomplishing by having people just sit in their seats for that amount of time versus what do you want them to actually get done?

And that is what we are measuring now since we don't know when people are putting butts in seats at certain times, so I certainly think that shift will happen, it probably already has for companies that were originally having clock-in, clock-out.

I am the kind of person who works really well before 9, but after 3 I need a little bit of a break, so if I was required to be in my seat from 9 to 5, I wouldn't be as effective an employee.

For me, it's thinking about the time that I do have, and how do I make the absolute most of it?

So if you know that your kids are doing virtual school, and you have two hours, maybe that's all you have in a day, you should be so buttoned-up on those two hours: preparing everything you need to get things done, setting yourself up, there is no sitting at the computer getting lost in your email thinking 'Ugh I have so much to do, I only have two hours. '

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