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Serious cyberattacks in Europe doubled in the past year

June 10, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Significant cyberattacks attacks against critical targets in Europe have doubled in the past year, according to new EU figures obtained by CNN, as the pandemic pushed lives indoors and online.

Surveys of businesses by the British security firm Sophos also concluded that the average cost of a ransomware attack has doubled in the year to date.

The rising cost reflects the greater complexity of some attacks, said John Shier, senior security adviser at Sophos, who added that while the number of attacks had dropped, their sophistication had risen.

Both Shier and Malatras pointed to the latest threat of a "triple extortion," in which ransomware attackers freeze up data on a target's systems through encryption, and extract it so they can threaten to publish it online.

This week, FBI investigators were able to recover some of the money paid out to the Darkside ransomware group by the Colonial Pipeline network, after an attack that caused significant disruption to gas supplies in the United States.

Robinson said regulation of these wallets and all exchanges would help slow criminal incentives for using ransomware.

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