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Samsung's new ad for its S21 Ultra phone is ... a series on Hulu

April 24, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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When promoting new products, most tech companies host a flashy event followed by TV and digital ads.

Now, Samsung (SSNLF) is taking promotion to a new level by co-creating a six-part series for Hulu in which eight photographers use its new Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G phone to take photos and compete for a prize worth $250,000

"Our goal is to inspire viewers to explore their own creativity with smartphone camera technology — the primary way people share their everyday lives while connecting with friends and family," Janet Lee, Samsung vice president of mobile marketing, told CNN Business in an email.

"We treated the technology as the ethos for the show," said William Swann, head of entertainment at BBH LA, Samsung's longtime marketing agency, which helped create the series.

The S21 Ultra's camera features made it a good fit to feature in a photography competition, according to Samsung and BBH LA.

The series also represents an opportunity for Hulu and other streamers to form new types of brand partnerships.

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