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Samsung's first 5G smartphone under $300 could be a game changer

April 7, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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When people think of Samsung smartphones, it's normally Galaxy S devices, Notes and foldables. Now, the unsung heroes of the portfolio are getting a chance to shine.

(CNN Business)When people think of Samsung smartphones, it's normally Galaxy S devices, Notes and foldables.

The company announced Wednesday that it's doubling down on its mid-range Galaxy A Series smartphone line in the United States — an effort that includes its first 5G device under $300.

Samsung's Galaxy and Note flagship smartphones have long overshadowed its A Series devices.

But amid the economic uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, the more price-friendly line made up 70% of the company's total smartphone shipments — and 60% in the United States — in 2020, according to data from IDC Research.

Now, the same devices are launching in the United States: three new 5G devices — the Galaxy A52 5G ($499), A42 5G ($399) and A32 5G ($279) — and two 4G models, the A12 ($179) and A02s ($109).

The Galaxy A42 5G will be available in the US starting April 8 and the others launch on April 9.

Perhaps the most intriguing device in the new lineup is the 6. 5-inch A32 5G ($279), one of the most affordable 5G phones in the United States.

Pricing the model this low is a big win for the 5G industry, which has suffered from slow user adoption due to network challenges and costly devices needed to run on it.

For example, the 5G-enabled iPhone 12 and the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G start at $799.

The A32 essentially removes the pricing barrier from a 5G-capable device, allowing users to focus more on the specs they want than the connectivity.

A step up from the A32 is the 6. 6-inch A42 5G, which offers a fingerprint scanner for security and artificial intelligence baked into the camera — a feature brought down to the A Series from its flagship devices, providing a variety of styles, angles, and formats, such as GIFs and filter effects, in one shot.

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