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Republicans relish Trump's rallies. Democrats see them as making their point.

September 14, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

The decision to hold a political rally has become one of the sharpest differences between the candidates in an election year defined by a global pandemic.

President Donald Trump is willing to flout coronavirus warnings by holding raucous, and sometimes indoor, political events, while Democratic nominee Joe Biden hasn't headlined a sizable gathering in months.

Republicans believe rallies are central to Trump's victory, both providing the President the energy he needs to compete over the next two months and giving him the same platform that helped unexpectedly propel him to the White House four years ago.

Democrats, watching Trump embody his skeptical stance towards coronavirus, welcome the events, believing that the President's often meandering speeches provide them far more in attack ad material than they do in help to Trump's campaign.

Multiple Democratic super PACs and the Biden campaign used the comment in ads to attack Trump for mishandling the virus.

Tim Murtaugh, Trump's top spokesman, said the continued rallies are the best example of the differences between Trump and Biden.

Murtaugh shrugged off any suggestion that the packed rallies create a level of diminishing return for the President and his campaign, arguing that they not only show how much enthusiasm exists for the President, but also helps to build even more excitement from a broad spectrum of voters -- despite the optics of Trump rallies basically being the only large-scale events in America with big crowds, limited social distancing and very few masks.

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