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Rapid City native uses graffiti to tell story of Lakota culture

April 27, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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From magpies to the South Dakota state flower to buffalo and pine trees, the south wall of Acme Bicycles may look like it’s been vandalized when in fact it’s being turned into a massive work of art.

Creating a wave of beautiful murals while telling the story of the Lakota culture. His pieces adorn many Rapid City buildings and spaces; the Club for Boys, Cave Collective, I AM Legacy and more. “Just for myself, it’s an homage back to my past with, I’m a graffiti writer and that’s something that I’ve done throughout my entire life and just to show people that it’s a transformative process, it’s not just one thing that people are stuck in and it helps, my whole intention is to do away with the boxes people create,” said Smith. Starting with art alley at the age of 14, graffiti has been a huge part of Smith’s life and he plans to continue sharing his gift with the Black Hills and the world. “Spray painting is taking off in larger cities, it is unstoppable,” said Smith.

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