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Raleigh twins earn $1 million in scholarships, accepted into 15 universities ::

April 29, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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They're 17-year-old twins and making quite a name for themselves. Siblings from Wake County were accepted into 15 institutions, earning more than one million dollars in scholarships.

— A pair of 17-year-old twins from Enloe Magnet High School are making quite a name for themselves.

Despite the challenges of an unprecedented school year, twins Reagan and Ricardo Razon are preparing to close their high school chapter on June 12 – and have multiple big opportunities on their horizon.

“Who I am today has been shaped from the multiple people that I’ve interacted with, and learned from, and I’ve just worked alongside,” said Reagan.

This year has been different for many students and the college application process has also been increasingly difficult,” said Reagan.

From the Golden Gate Bridge, to right here on Duke’s campus, the twins vlogged each acceptance letter they opened.

Although the twins have been attending the same school ever since they were little, they said they're making their own separate decisions for May 3.

“I want to be somebody who brings diversity in the fields in the occupation I choose to go in, in the leadership positions I choose to seek,” said Ricardo.

Ricardo said he hopes to inspire children from marginalized communities to reach for the moon and find success in STEM programs.

Reagan, who is also interested in computer science, said, "I want to really focus on the intersections of computer science with different fields. "

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