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Raleigh firefighters go beyond the call-of-duty to help woman who lost everything in fire :: WRAL.com

January 12, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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A Raleigh woman had a tough and tragic 2020 -- only for it to end in disaster.

Raleigh, N. C.

Her home, a shed in her sister's yard, was destroyed, and all her belongings were lost in a house fire on New Year's Eve.

"I know I will never get his ashes back," said Betty Campbell.

Her son, Eric Dunlap, died a month after Campbell lost her house.

At 76 years old and working two jobs, Campbell moved into the shed in her sister's yard.

Though Campbell had trouble getting up and down her sister's stairs, she was visiting there when the fire started.

"I thank God because I could have been there asleep," said Campbell.

all my clothes, everything," she said.

Raleigh Station 11 responded to the fire.

"When I got back to the station, I kind of just couldn't get her off my mind," said Capt.

She thought she could raise a few hundred dollars to buy clothes for Campbell.

"I got donations from all over the country," said Ali.

Within 24 hours, $4,000 came in and was given to Campbell.

Lt. Marcus Horne, of Victor Company, a non-profit made up of minority firefighters, worked with a company called Ameriglide to install a lift in Campbell's sister's house for free, so she won’t have to worry about those stairs.

I really think we truly share this common humanity that makes people want to look out for each other," said Ali.

Campbell also lost her car keys in the fire, and she was worried that she wouldn't be able to get to work.

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