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Pro wrestling isn't just body slams and violence -- it's also art

February 22, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Professional wrestling is known for its over-the-top theatrics and choreographed violence. But a new wresting and art journal, "Orange Crush," pushes the sport's creative merits and positions it as an cultural force.

Adam Abdalla, the lead creative behind art and wrestling journal Orange Crush, said that in the past, he's brought visual artist friends to watch wrestling shows with him.

A wrestling and art journal might seem niche, but Abdalla has so far published two issues of the annual, which feels more akin to an indie culture publication than the highly saturated pages of a conventional wrestling magazine.

"If I go to people who might not be interested in wrestling, 'I did this journal,' they go, 'Oh, this is cool, this is eccentric,'" Abdalla said.

Abdalla sees wrestling as an artistic and cultural force because of the sport's willingness to take creative risks.

"These are artists who show in museums that people in the art world know," Abdalla said.

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