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Presidential Cookie Poll At Allegheny County Bakery Causing Controversy

October 16, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

A presidential cookie poll at a bakery in Allegheny County is causing a bit of social media controversy.

The President Donald Trump and Joe Biden cookies are available now through the end of the election. By Royce JonesOctober 16, 2020 at 9:44 pm

(KDKA) — As the 2020 presidential election heats up, votes are being counted every day at Oakmont Bakery.

“We have people who come in and say, ‘I’m going to buy a dozen of those just so I can bite his head off. ’ We don’t care what you do with them,” said Mark Serrao, the owner of Oakmont Bakery.

Serrao is talking about his 2020 presidential candidate cookies.

For over 20 years, the bakery has done a presidential cookie poll.

Obviously, that wasn’t accurate,” said Serrao.

“I really thought we should just stay away from it this year,” said Serrao.

We want to make some fun out of it and let people enjoy them,” said Tony Serrao, co-owner of Oakmont Bakery.

Oakmont Bakery has sold more than 3,000 of the cookies since they started baking them this week, and they are posting the results on social media. ”

“As of today, we sold 779 of Biden, 2,463 of Trump,” said Mark Serrao.

We’re not endorsing any of the candidates,” said Mark Serrao.

No matter how the cookie crumbles this election, Mark Serrao hopes his cookies sweeten a sour society.

“To bring people together and to enjoy a season that isn’t always the most exciting but to make some fun out of it,” said Mark Serrao.

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