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President-elect Joe Biden seeks to unite nation with victory speech

November 8, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

President-elect Joe Biden speaks to a deeply divided nation Saturday night, making a plea for unity after four years of turmoil and conflict fomented by President Donald Trump.

(CNN)President-elect Joe Biden will speak to a deeply divided nation tonight, making a plea for unity and understanding after four years of turmoil and conflict fomented by President Donald Trump, who showed no indication Saturday that he plans to concede and continued to push the falsehood that he had won the election.

Those celebrations began near the White House on Saturday while Trump was golfing in Virginia -- forcing the smoldering President to wind his way back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in his motorcade through those crowds after hitting the links.

There was no sign that Trump would offer a concession to Biden or even extend the traditional invitation for a White House visit to the President-elect as he continues to falsely maintain that the election was stolen from him.

In tweets Saturday, Trump again baselessly impugned mail-in ballots, which overwhelmingly tipped the election in Biden's favor, and repeated the falsehoods on Twitter that he "WON THE ELECTION. " He claimed "bad things happened" in the election that his poll observers were not allowed to see, even though there is no evidence that GOP poll watchers were systematically shut out of the process anywhere in the country.

It is not clear how isolated instances of irregularities, even if found, would add up to a case with sufficient legal questions to make it all the way to the Supreme Court or would challenge the integrity of an election that Biden looks set to eventually win with sufficient electoral votes, which would make challenges in individual states unlikely to alter the national result.

The legal front looks increasingly like a rallying point for partisans keen to prevent Biden's presidency from being seen as legitimate by Trump supporters and as a face-saving way for the President himself to explain his defeat.

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