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Pre-election voting surpasses all 2016 early ballots cast with 9 days left until Election Day

October 25, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 17: A voter casts her early voting ballot at drop box outside of City Hall on October 17, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With the election only a little more than two weeks away, a new form of in-person early voting by using mail ballots, has enabled millions of voters to cast their ballots. President Donald Trump won the battleground state of Pennsylvania by only 44,000 votes in 2016, the first Republican to do so since President George Bush in 1988. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

Pre-election voting for the November election has surpassed all 2016 early ballots cast with 9 days left until Election Day.

In 2016, around 58. 3 million pre-election ballots were cast, including ballots in the three vote-by-mail states that year, according to a CNN analysis.

Among those states, Minnesota has currently seen the largest percentage increase in early voting turnout compared to last cycle, according to Catalist data from both years in 14 key states.

By age, younger voters (age 18-29) are also casting significantly more ballots and make up a greater share of the pre-Election Day vote than they did around the same time four years ago in all of the key states with information available.

While Florida Democrats maintain an advantage in pre-election turnout, Catalist data shows the gap narrowing as more voters participate in early voting across the state.

North Carolina Democrats are also outpacing Republicans in their percentage of the pre-election votes, but once again, that margin is narrowing amid a surge in early voting in the Tar Heel State.

In Pennsylvania -- a key state that Trump won by less than one percentage point in 2016 -- Democrats continue to hold a significant advantage over Republicans in their share of ballots already cast, according to Catalist party data.

Michigan's 16 electoral votes helped make Trump president four years ago when the state broke its six-election streak of voting for the Democratic presidential nominee.

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