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Playstation 5 preorders and pricing | CNN Underscored

September 17, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Update: Preorders are moving fast on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 All Digital Edition. Depending on the retailer, availability may fluctuate and we suggest to keep checking back.

When the consoles launch in November, they’ll come with Sony’s new DualSense Controller.

As expected, it will support 8K gaming and offer load times that are nearly 20 times quicker than the PlayStation 4’s.

Some of the new games designed for the PS5 were unveiled at the presentation.

Many of the games we’re looking forward to playing the most will be console exclusives, while others will be available for cross-gen play if you pick them up on PlayStation 4 and decide to move to the PlayStation 5.

It’s also good to know that many PS4 titles will be supported on the PlayStation 5.

Both versions of the console are said to be up for preorder at select retailers on Thursday, September 17, according to Sony.

This will likely include the usual suspects: Amazon. com, GameStop, Best Buy and additional locations that typically sell video game consoles.

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