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Photos: Protest outside Greek parliament

April 5, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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A protester holding a Greek flag gestures toward parliament in Athens on Wednesday, September 26. Greek trade unions called a 24-hour general strike to oppose new austerity measures. Police said some protesters threw Molotov cocktails in Syntagma Square, opposite the parliament building. Police responded with tear gas. See anti-austerity protests in Spain. AFP/Getty Images

AFP/Getty ImagesAn elderly man with his legs chained stands in front of riot police protecting the Greek parliament Wednesday.

AFP/Getty ImagesDemonstrators react to tear gas fired by police Wednesday.

AFP/Getty ImagesPolice chase rioting youths at a subway entrance in the center of Athens Wednesday.

AFP/Getty ImagesDemonstrators carry stones and wear masks during clashes Wednesday.

AFP/Getty ImagesA police officer throws a stone toward demonstrators Wednesday.

Getty ImagesA protester runs from riot police Wednesday.

AFP/Getty ImagesFirebombs explode in front of riot police Wednesday.

AFP/Getty ImagesA demostrator throws a Molotov cocktail toward riot police near Syntagma Square in Athens on Wednesday.

Getty ImagesA demonstrator waves a black flag in front of riot police in Athens on Wednesday.

AFP/Getty ImagesPolice arrest a demonstrator during the protest march on Wednesday.

AFP/Getty ImagesPolice clash with demonstrators on Wednesday.

AFP/Getty ImagesProtesters fall down in the street during clashes on Wednesday.

Getty ImagesYouths face riot police in Athens on Wednesday.

AFP/Getty ImagesRiot police are surrounded by flames during violent clashes in Athens on Wednesday.

EPA/LandovA demonstrator throws a Molotov cocktail at riot police near Syntagma Square on Wednesday.

AFP/Getty ImagesA fire bomb explodes near a riot police squad on Wednesday.

AFP/Getty ImagesProtesters clash with riot police during the general strike demonstration in Athens on Wednesday.

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