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Philadelphia health commissioner resigns after mayor learns he cremated and disposed of 1985 MOVE bombing victims' remains

May 14, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Philadelphia's city health commissioner is resigning after news he cremated and disposed of some of the remains of the 1985 MOVE bombing victims, the mayor announced Thursday.

"This action lacked empathy for the victims, their family, and the deep pain that the MOVE bombing has brought to our city for nearly four decades," Kenney said in a statement.

In a statement, Farley alleged that Gulino had found remains from some of the MOVE bombing victims and, believing that any subsequent investigation into their deaths had long been completed, he instructed Gulino to dispose of the bones and bone fragments.

"I profoundly regret making this decision without consulting the family members of the victims and I extend my deepest apologies for the pain this will cause them," Farley said of the disposal, which happened in 2017.

Kenney said the city is launching an investigation into the disposal of the remains.

In an online statement published on April 28, the Penn Museum offered an apology to the Africa family and said it was "committed to a respectful, consultative resolution" in the return of the remains.

"I cannot imagine that it means much, but I also offer a formal apology to the Africa family and members of the Movement on behalf of the City of Philadelphia, not just for this disgraceful incident, but also for how administration after administration has failed to atone for the heinous act on May 13, 1985 and continues to dishonor the victims," he said.

When asked by CNN on Thursday how the incident and the mismanagement of the victims' remains reflected on the city, Kenney said it "shows 36 years of insensitivity and not really caring about what's happened to that family. "

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