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Peru's presidential election is just too close to call

June 11, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Peru's presidential election is going to the wire with authorities in the Latin American country yet to declare a winner in a tightly contested battle between a political newcomer and his conservative opponent.

With all polling station records processed, data from the Peruvian electoral authority, ONPE, on Thursday evening showed left-wing populist candidate Pedro Castillo had won 50. 179% of the vote.

Fujimori sought to convince voters that Peru's existing economic and political system needs tweaking, not overhauling -- and that her presidency won't mean more of the corruption and human rights abuse claims that characterized her father Alberto Fujimori's rule from 1990-2000.

ONPE chief Piero Corvetto said Thursday authorities still have to compute the results from polling stations where results have been challenged and are under review by the special election judges.

According to Peruvian law, a winner can only be declared after the JNE has revised all vote counts and resolved any complaints by electoral monitors.

This time around, Fujimori asked officials to nullify the results from 802 polling station that, according to her team's estimates, account for about 200,000 votes

If Fujimori wins the election, the investigation into her would be suspended until her mandate ends in 2026, prosecutors in the case have said.

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