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Perseverance is now operating on its own

February 18, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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NASA teams have just confirmed that Perseverance is ready to execute entry, descent and landing on its own. They have now turned off the transmitter, which brings us one step closer to the highly anticipated landing.

Rover set to land on Mars

This is the first — and most sophisticated — rover NASA has sent to Mars in nine years.

Multiple cameras on Perseverance will record the rover's landing on Mars today — but don't expect to see live footage of it today.

There are 23 cameras, including those with color, zoom and video capability, and two microphones to capture the rover's landing on Mars, its exploration of the planet and the flights of the helicopter.

The Ingenuity helicopter, which is also traveling to Mars with the rover, carries two cameras as well.

If Ingenuity is successful, it could pave the way for more advanced robotic aircraft to be used on future missions to Mars, both robotic and human, according to NASA.

Perseverance is set to land on Mars later today.

The rover was originally known as the Mars 2020 mission — but it got its name in a nationwide contest, won by Alexander Mather, a seventh grade student in Virginia.

Perseverance's two-year mission will begin once it lands on Mars.

The rover — still known as the Mars 2020 rover at the time — was kept in the “clean room” while engineers and mission teams worked on various components and tasks to prepare it for shipping off to Cape Canaveral for launch.

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