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Peloton is releasing a cheaper treadmill. It's still $2,495

February 22, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Peloton is releasing a lower-priced treadmill to become more than a purveyor of high-end stationary-bikes.

The public company, which reported revenue of more than $1 billion for the quarter ending in December, already has one treadmill on the market, called Tread+, which has earned celebrity endorsements from the likes of Miley Cyrus and Lizzo who regularly post about their Treads on social media.

"We want Peloton to be a fitness brand, a wellness brand, and so the Tread is a big part of that story. "

You can take classes on the Tread, enter fitness challenges, run on your own, watch scenic views from different countries and video call friends.

Evancha said that while developing the lower-priced Tread, the company discussed whether the quality met its standards.

But to get the Tread to be smaller and more affordable, Peloton designed it with carbon steel and no aluminum.

"There's a real tension between" wanting the Tread experience to be more affordable and to have it be the same high quality you get for $4,295, Evancha said.

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