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Parents of special needs children beg districts for a face to face option

September 11, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

The Federal Individuals with Disabilities Act requires schools to ensure special needs students have access to a free and appropriate public education.

(WIS) - Some parents of special needs children in Richland County say their kids are falling behind because they need face to face interaction inside a classroom.

“I don’t always understand how to redirect him without upsetting him. ” Richland Two Superintendent Dr. Baron Davis says his district is working on a pilot program to bring back students who need certain therapies.

Richland One Superintendent Dr. Craig Witherspoon says he’s still discussing whether to resume in-person learning for special needs children sooner than the rest of the district.

On September 2nd, the Beaufort County school district voted to bring back special education students for face to face learning starting September 14th, but the rest of the district will remain virtual.

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