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Parents express concerns of ongoing bullying at Lafayette Sunnyside Intermediate; administrators respond

June 10, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Part one of a three-part special report on claims of ongoing bullying at Lafayette Sunnyside Intermediate School. This report is laying out parents' claims and how the school is responding.

"There's a problem, and I think that the consistent piece of this problem is Sunnyside," said Melissa Lynch, mother of Anna Lynch who claims she's been a victim of bullying at Lafayette Sunnyside.

She said parents expressing concerns about bullying isn't new to school administrators.

While she acknowledges that there are students who have experienced bullying at Sunnyside, she said some of these frustrated parents could be misunderstanding the difference between a child being bullied versus two children having a conflict.

“I can't say that bullying is prevalent, there are misbehaviors that are prevalent,” said Clevenger.

She said the school has dealt with several claims of bullying that, after investigation, were determined as a conflict.

She, like other parents, said the anti-bullying plan is not working.

“I never expected to be contacted and to be told so and so was suspended from school or had a detention or anything like that but I did expect for changes to be made,” said Melissa.

“I feel like the school's not doing enough to protect the kids that are being bullied,” said Tina.

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