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Over 45 million people are under a winter storm watch as heavy snow takes aim at the East Coast

December 15, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Over 45 million Americans are under a winter storm watch as a powerful Nor'easter takes aim at the East Coast.

(CNN)Over 45 million Americans are under a winter storm watch as a powerful Nor'easter takes aim at the East Coast.

The storm is forecast to strike most of the eastern coast Wednesday into Thursday, and several feet of snow and heavy ice could result in power outages throughout the region.

The cities of Boston and New York could see as much as a foot of snow, while parts of the Tri-State area could see up to 16 inches.

"Confidence is high that this winter storm will result in significant impacts, including travel disruptions and power outages across much of the mid-Atlantic and southern New England," the Weather Prediction Center said.

Wind gusts as high as 40 mph could also hit the coast of New England, according to the National Weather Service in Boston.

A mixture of precipitation will stretch from North Carolina to Pennsylvania, with heavy snow throughout the Tri-State area and New England, maps from the Weather Prediction Center show.

Lighter snow accumulations from Indiana to New Hampshire are expected by Wednesday, WPC said.

Shippers have contingency plans for vaccine distribution

The weather could make travel very difficult or even impossible in some areas, the National Weather Service said.

While the storm isn't expected to have major impacts to the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine, shippers have made contingency plans to account for weather issues.

The winter snowstorm will hit parts of the mid-Atlantic into New England beginning Wednesday, when shippers are scheduled to make 66 deliveries nationwide.

"We have a team of 15 meteorologists monitoring conditions 24/7, and we have contingency plans in place should we see any severe weather," she said.

UPS didn't immediately respond to CNN's request for comment, but also has an in-house team that monitors the weather.

Bad weather falls in the middle of the spectrum of problems, he said.

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