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Opinion: What Trump is doing should worry us all

November 20, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

David Gergen and Caroline Cohen write that though President Trump may be losing most of his election lawsuits contesting the results, he is making progress in the court of public opinion -- and that could threaten President-elect Biden's capacity to govern and democracy itself.

David Gergen has been a White House adviser to four presidents of both parties and is a senior political analyst at CNN.

(CNN)In the weeks since the general election, President Donald Trump and his team have failed to successfully challenge the final results in our courts of law.

However, in the court of public opinion, they have made startling progress — progress that could threaten President-elect Joe Biden's capacity to govern and even our democracy itself.

As the Reuters reporters wrote, the widespread rejection of the election results among Republicans "reflects a new and dangerous dynamic in American politics. "

We should always remember that while over 79 million Americans voted for Biden, more than 73 million Americans voted for Trump.

Doing the math, that means on the day Biden takes the oath of office, over 50 million Americans will believe he is an illegitimate president.

In more recent times, from President Bill Clinton through Barack Obama, our politics have become more polarized -- and new presidents have been denied those grace periods.

It is increasingly clear that for months, Trump and his campaign surrogates have engaged in a systematic effort to kneecap Biden and his presidency.

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