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Opinion: What it was like trying to get my elderly parents a Covid-19 vaccine

January 29, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Carmen Sutherlin, who lives in Michigan, writes about the challenges she faced trying to schedule Covid-19 vaccination appointments for her elderly parents who live in Arizona.

(CNN)When I heard that residents over 75 would soon be eligible to receive their vaccine in Maricopa County, where my parents live in Arizona, I immediately started investigating how to get them appointments.

I can't imagine what seniors without someone to help them figure out the vaccine scheduling process go through; the online systems, hold times for phone calls, waking early to try to get appointments could make anyone frustrated, especially the senior community that so desperately needs to be vaccinated.

After trying three nearby pharmacies with no success, I was able to book an appointment sooner at the 24-7 vaccine location at the State Farm Stadium.

My parents and I made several calls to the Arizona Covid-19 hotline over the next 10 days and were told that there was no record of my mother being vaccinated and that my dad would have to wait to hear from someone.

But I know that many adult children throughout the country are still trying to help their elderly parents schedule an appointment -- still clicking through dates on a calendar, making calls and getting the runaround.

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